Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miscellaneous Frida- er... Sunday.

Sorry for the belated post. I blame my procrastination Blogger's downtime.

Well, I was pretty excited to be showing off the start of my new herb garden that I was so thrilled about last week.

It looked like this this morning:

Close up!

However, moments after taking these photos, I set the container down on a table and thought "Hmm. I'm hungry. I need lunch!" And as I was making myself a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, I heard a crash in the other room. I hurried in to see my new plants spatted on the floor, dirt everywhere, and my cat giving me a look like, "Dude, somebody totally knocked over your stuff and made a mess. I tried to stop him, but it was just too late."

I nearly cried.

I scooped up my tiny seedlings and tried to put them back as gently as possible, but I fear it is a lost cause for most of them. I do still have extra seeds, but I was so excited to finally be seeing some green, that this was just really disappointing.

I guess I'll give them a few days to see if they're going to bounce back. Somehow the catnip is the only thing that looks relatively unharmed. You'd almost think the cat planed it that way..

Got rid of the basil. Now she has more room for catnip!


  1. Aww! Sorry about your herbs, but you got them to grow once, you can do it again! And your cat should join the Secret Order of Ninja Cats! My youngest one is a member. ^_^

  2. Yeah, I was upset about it yesterday, but the fact that the catnip was the only thing undamaged was too funny for me to stay mad.

    Cats are so devious!


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