Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing Progress

Wannabe Writers is a meme started by Sarah of the blog Confessions of the Un-Published!. I am using her wonderful idea to help track my progress as I wrestle with my novel manuscript.

Where I am in the writing process: I've got a rough draft of an about 62,000-word novel aimed at teenagers. It's a retelling of the Perseus myth for teen readers. (You'd think this had been done before, but I wasn't able to find anything in my research aside from the Percy Jackson novels which are modern-day world mixed with Greek mythology.)

I'm also trying to be as historically and culturally accurate as possible (or at least as historically/culturally accurate as one can be when also having Greek gods/goddesses/creatures involved.)

I'm into heavy rewriting/editing now and have about four chapters more or less done. Starting on the fifth now.

My characters will wear more clothes than this.
And my sea monster will not look like a wet dog.

My current problem(s): Had a mini panic attack last night when I realized all my characters are finally arriving in Greece now and I have to now nail down the general time period this takes place in, what's going on there that would probably affect the story (like wars between Sparta and Athens) and how long it would take my characters to walk from Point A to Point B.

I got so overwhelmed that I just closed my laptop. But, having had last night and today to mull things over, I think I'm over the panic stage and ready to calmly start researching the information I need and then start moving forward from there.

Sarah's Question: Thoughts on e-publishing books?
My answer: Although the e-publishing does appeal to my control freak nature, I think I'm still leaning more towards traditional publishing if I can get it. If I really think about it, I'd rather have professionals editing my stuff, creating my cover and getting it in the major bookstores, even if it takes longer. Plus I don't have to shell out loads of money up front.

My Question: Do you get more done when you try to write a little every day or set aside a whole day (or significant part of the day) to write? Or is it about the same?

I'm finding I seem to be more liable to get sidetracked during the week when I'm trying to squeeze in an hour or so before bed. I've been making more progress on Saturdays when I can just more or less tie myself to my chair and make myself write all day.

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  1. When I'm not working, I pretty much have the entire day. Like today. The day is wide open for me to write. And yet, a whole day will pass and often I don't get anything done. Sometimes I think it's better when you say, "from 4-5 I'm writing". My husband gets home from work around 5, so basically 90% of what I write in a day comes in at that last hour when I'm thinking "oh crap, he's almost home and I didn't write anything!" I guess it depends on how concentrated/motivated you can keep yourself in such a long block of time. :)


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