Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm not dead!

Sorry for my week of silence. I promise it has not been because of laziness this time. It's not even been because of exhaustion from work.

I've been suffering with horrific allergies for quite some time and just recently went to the doctor to break out the heavy duty meds. Well, the good news is my sinuses are ridiculously clear now. I can breathe like a normal person. Bad news is I've been getting a "thrilling" sampling of pretty much every side effect listed on the bottle. A new one each day! Exciting!

I've stopped taking the pills now, so hopefully the side effects will wear off soon (while leaving my sinuses in good condition). I don't have any thrilling posts written up yet, as I've been either at work or in bed for the last week, but I'm hoping to build up a buffer of posts over the weekend. (As my current Symptom of the Day is pretty intense joint pain, we'll see how much I actually get accomplished.)

I do have fun, exciting things planned for the near future, however. So hopefully I can get myself to feeling better soon so I can implement this fun stuff.

Until then, let me leave you with this random thought ... I hate cicadas with every fiber of my being. I was sitting outside last weekend when one flew up and landed on the wall beside me. It let out a scream like a velociraptor before flying away. No bug should ever be able to make a sound like that. This week I also had one fly at my head and try to chew my face off. They are terrifying. I don't typically wish death on anyone/anything, but I wholeheartedly wish for the mass death of this plague of cicadas as soon as possible.

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