Saturday, December 10, 2011

Calling Robert Downey Jr....

Actual text conversation between me and my husband just now:
(AKA reason #1,984,743 why my husband cracks me up)

Me: Finished another chapter (of edits to my novel) tonight! Just six more out of 18 left! Whoot!

Him: WhooWhoo!

Me: Should I start contacting Robert Downey Jr. to play a lead role in the movie adaption?

Him: He is banned from being near you.

Me: Lol. He's too old to be any of my main characters anyway. They're all teens and early 20s. Might could play one of the parents or soldiers though ...

Him: He might have an accident before it's finished.

Me: Better look elsewhere for actors then, I guess. I want to see more Sherlock and Iron Man for many more years.

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