Thursday, January 12, 2012

Novel Updates

My blog looked lonely, so I decided I needed to put SOMETHING up here besides a picture of my crazy cat. Fighting with my work in progress has sucked up a lot of my free time and creative energy.

Wannabe Writers is a meme started by Sarah of the blog Confessions of the Un-Published!. I am using her wonderful idea to help track my progress as I wrestle with my novel manuscript.

Where I am in the writing process: I've got a full draft and have been doing major edits to the novel for about a year now. I've got about five more chapters to fix. (During the re-write I added a new character to the story which has caused me to have to re-write everything to accommodate his presence.) After that, I'm going to go back through and make some tweaks. Then I'm going to let some people read it and tell me what sucks about it so those things can be fixed.

Almost there! (Blurred a bit to protect innocent plot points.)

My current problem(s): Fight scenes. Ugh! I'm not good at them, and I'm at one of the biggest ones in my book, so it's slowed me way down while I try to get it right. To keep myself from freaking out, I've divided it into several different pieces and am trying to tackle one at a time. Baby steps!

The good news: I'm only a little less than 5 chapters away from having finished my major revisions! Oh, and there's one particular chapter that I love so much that I want to giggle and clap my hands every time I read back over it.

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  1. Love it Megan. I'm so glad you're making such great progress....keep up the great work!


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