Friday, April 6, 2012

Journey to the Parthenon

So, I went on a magical trip to the Parthenon in Nashville last week with my my good friend, Shalena and am just now writing about it because my day job
sucks up all my time/energy like a vampire
keeps me busy. Note to self: look into writing a story about a time vampire. That sounds awesome.

Anyway, we went to this amazing place, as I have only lived in Tennessee since 2001 and have never made the journey, because I am just awesomely oblivious like that. But, seeing as I'm trying to finish up a novel that has a full chapter dedicated to things happening at the real Parthenon, we figured it was pretty important for me to see the replica in person instead of using my Google skills to hunt down photos.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival is that this place is HUGE. Quite a bit bigger than it looks in pictures.

And it's even bigger on the inside. Like a TARDIS.

On the inside, the Athena statue is quite a bit larger than I pictured as well. Though I was pretty pleased to see that I'd estimated the height of the base pretty well. In one scene of my novel I have a character jumping up and banging their fist on the foot of the statue to get the goddess' attention. I was tempted to do the same thing here -- you know, for research purposes. But I figured the people in charge of the museum wouldn't understand. (Oh, and I apologize in advance if my book ever gets published and hordes of people start wanting to reenact that scene. Plan on hiring some security guards now.)

Photo includes bonus random girl for height comparison!

It really does make you feel tiny and understand the awe and respect the ancient Greeks must have felt for their gods/goddesses.

Athena even makes her own special lighting effects for her photos.

Also, I didn't realize it at first, but those little figures on the outside corners of the building are actually gryphons. I think this is awesome and am totally going to have to incorporate gryphons in one of the sequels to my first novel now.

Why, hello there. Yes, I am awesome.

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