Sunday, November 11, 2012


This place has been more or less abandoned as I've been dealing with a lot of life changes - like moving into my first house and dealing with 24/7 morning sickness that made me want to drown myself in my toilet.

Thankfully the dreaded morning sickness has passed, I'm an only slightly uncomfortable 19 weeks pregnant, and am more or less moved into my house. So! I thought I'd kick off my re-dedication to blogging by posting a little update on my novel-in-progress.

Where I am in the writing process: A novel that's about 90% complete. I'm trying to use NaNoWriMo to finish up the last 10%.

My current problem(s): I've decided, on the advice of friends, to switch over to first person point-of-view for my main characters. This is slightly confusing at times and is getting rather tedious.

The good news: I've only got about 10% more to go until I think I can call this thing finally done. I've been rewriting this thing more times than I can count and I am ready to put it out there and see if I can get any literary agent interest. And cry if I cannot.

What now? I just need to finish converting my story into first person and then finish rewrites on my last couple of chapters. Then I'm done! At least until I (hopefully) get an agent and they send along a list of revisions for me to do. Which might also make me cry.

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