Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not just your story

It's no secret that I am completely horrible at video games. I stress myself out trying to remember what button I'm supposed to push and more often than not I end up wildly smashing my fist against the controls. Not to mention, if all I'm doing is fighting, if I'm not moving the story along fast enough, I get bored easily and tend to turn off the game to do other things.

In all these years, there's really only one game that's ever held my attention (and not stressed me out) long enough for me to finish it: Final Fantasy X. I think I've actually played AND beaten the game three or four times since I was first convinced to pick it up when I was in my early 20s.

Even today I still think the cut scene graphics are beautiful, the characters are interesting and unique, and the storyline is entertaining. (Also, I may or may not have a fictional character crush on Auron.)

*pets him*

As much as I love this game, one line the protagonist, Tidus, says toward the end has struck me as wrong since I first heard it. (Actually, in Googling it to make sure I wasn't remembering this wrong, it seems like he says it, or a variation of it, several times.)

He claims that this is HIS story.

Yes, technically he is the main character of this video game. But that still seemed awfully shallow of him to say. Through the whole game we'd been shown that every single one of his companions had a history, a series of events that made them who they were. Their main goal in life was not to be Tidus' support group. They weren't there just to make him look good. They had their own lives.

It's been something that's stuck in the back of my mind as I've written my own stories. I want my "sidekicks" to feel like real people - like if my main character suddenly disappeared, they wouldn't just wind down like clockwork dolls, their source of power gone. I don't want them to just be background objects to fill in the holes of my main character's life.

Because I don't think that's realistic at all. Nobody wants to think of themselves as supporting cast to somebody else. We all have dreams and nightmares, hopes and fears.

This is everybody's story.

The interesting part is seeing what happens when those stories collide.

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