Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Novel Update!

Just a little update for friends and family who I know are thinking, "Meg, you've been saying you were writing a novel for more than two years now. AREN'T YOU DONE?" (*weeps*)
To those of you who don't particularly care about this, no worries - a "real" blog post should be forthcoming sometime this week. ^_^

Where I am in the writing process: 80,920 words/ 22 Chapters. I'm in the process of tearing apart and re-writing the epic battle scene to make it more epic-ish.
I just finished a rough rewrite of Chapter 20 tonight. I need to do a rough re-write of Chapter 21 to finish said epic battle scene, and then a rough re-write of my final Chapter 22, which wraps everything up. Then will have to go back through and see if my epic battle scene is, in fact, epic, or if it still sucks. I am hoping for non-suckage. Because I may lose my dang mind if I have to rip this novel apart again.

My current problem(s): I'm bad at writing fight scenes, let alone epic battle scenes, so I am a bit nervous about these last few chapters.
Also, there's the small pressing deadline of me, you know, giving birth around the first week of April, after which I will have NO free time/sanity until the squirt has a regular sleep schedule, which I'm told could take a billion years.

The good news: If I can keep myself from dropping from exhaustion every evening after work , I very well may have this novel in publishable condition (or at least as close as I can get it myself without professional input) by the end of January.


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