Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back in action!

I'm back! Well, sort-of.

I've been away from the writing world for several months, dealing with pregnancy aches and pains, but in April I traded all of that in for this:

So now instead of being unable to write because of crazy hormones, exhaustion and basically feeling like a beached whale, NOW I'm unable to write because I'm sleep-deprived and caring for the needs of a now three-month old child. I'm still trying to find my groove in this massive change in my life, and so haven't quite gotten back into the habit of writing/editing every day. (If I'm not at work, I'm feeding, changing or playing with above munchkin, or trying to eat or sleep myself.)

So, even though the posts might not come very frequently, I just wanted to leave a little note saying I am more-or-less still alive and hoping to get back into the writing groove soon!

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