Monday, September 9, 2013

Book Review: A Spark Unseen

Ever since finishing Sharon Cameron's first book, "The Dark Unwinding," I've kept her on my mental list of authors that I definitely want to read again. So when I was offered a review copy of the sequel, "A Spark Unseen," I was pretty excited.

The story picks back up in 1854 at Stranwyne Keep where Katharine and her loyal friend and maid Mary foil a kidnapping attempt on Katharine's genius uncle. In the last book he created a mechanical fish toy that could keep a steady depth under the water -- which turned out to be perfect for adapting to the invention of torpedoes to destroy iron-clad ships. Now both France and England are interested in this technology, and Katharine will have to use all of her wits to keep her uncle out of harm's way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel, and actually found myself liking it even better than the first. I think the reason is that in the first book, you pretty much know in the back of your mind that Katharine will decide to help her uncle and fight to keep him out of the lunatic asylum. In this book, it felt like there was a lot more tension because I had no idea where things were going to go next.

The plot was gripping, and I still adored the characters. I loved how strong and determined Katharine is. I particularly loved her no-nonsense personality in a scene at the end that I can't describe more for danger of spoilers. I also adored Uncle Tully. It's pretty much impossible not to love him and want to see him protected as much as Katharine does. I especially liked how well she has learned to communicate with her uncle -- who would most likely be considered highly autistic in this day and age -- in order to calm him down and help him through his anxieties.

Also interesting to me were the settings in Paris that Cameron takes us into. Many of the unusual places she takes us, like the morgue (which I'll get to reveal more about later as we continue the "A Spark Unseen" Blog Hop tomorrow), were real-life places, as strange as it seems.

So, the bottom line is, if you're looking for an exciting read with memorable characters and a unique setting, check out "A Spark Unseen" when it's released Sept. 24.

I give it 5/5 Parthenons!

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