Thursday, February 6, 2014

Where I've Been, Where I am

Just wanted to make a quick post to apologize for dropping off the face of the blogging planet for something like six months. I had my first child in April 2013, and as being a parent is about 1,000 times more challenging for me than I'd anticipated, it threw me for a bit of a loop.

I pretty much had to give up anything writing-related, including Twitter, since seeing other writers who were releasing novels, getting agents or participating in online pitch sessions started to make me more and more upset about having to set aside my own writing dreams for an undetermined amount of time.

I'd been querying my own novel, but as I got no bites, I took an objective look at my work and decided I needed to make a change that would require rewriting at least 50% of my book. As I've been tearing apart and re-writing this thing for something like six years now, this greatly depressed me and gave me even more excuse not to attempt to pick it up again.

Since the new year, I've started working on it again here and there. Just this week I made myself start getting up early to work on it, and though I don't always get much done in the 30 minutes I have before my son wakes up for the day, it has mysteriously made me keep thinking about the book throughout the day. I'm working on it on my lunch break and when I get home and get pipsqueak fed, happy and in bed. I'm making progress again.

If I keep this up, I should be finished with this (oh, please, oh, please, oh, please) last round of major edits by the end of the month and be ready to head out into the querying trenches again. If there's still no bites, I suppose I'm going to self-publish and move on to the next book. No more self-imposed major edits for this gal!

So, in short, as of now, I can say I'm passionate about my story again and excited to finish it up and get on to the next book!

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