About Me

Meg Trotter writes novels about myths, legends and people who populate worlds both imaginary and real.

Her debut series, the "God-Haunted Saga" will focus on mythology set in ancient Greece. Though Meg has not gotten the chance to go to Greece herself, she's spent countless hours pouring over books and maps. And since all her knowledge of the place, history and culture is coming from reading books, she's pretty certain she’s pronouncing every Greek term incorrectly.

She was raised in Florida and currently resides in Tennessee with her husband, son, and extremely fluffy cat. When she's not working at her full-time job as a journalist or wrangling her toddler, she’s usually spending way too much time playing Sims.

She can be contacted:
by email at: MegTrotter@gmail.com
on Twitter as bright_soulfire
or on Facebook at: Meg Trotter.

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