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The God-Haunted Saga: Book 1

For as long as she can remember, seventeen-year-old Princess Andromeda has done what was expected of her. She consented to a political marriage to a hateful older man. She became a quiet, obedient housewife.

  After her husband’s death, she agreed to be united in yet another political marriage for the sake of her country’s stability. However, when the Greek goddess of the sea disrupts this second wedding ceremony, jealous of the pomp of the celebration, she places a curse on Andromeda and her home: either sacrifice the princess to a sea beast or let the creature destroy her country.

A visit to the Oracle reveals that Andromeda needs four ancient weapons of the Greek gods to fight off the beast and the goddess who controls it. Now Andromeda must find the strength and the cunning to do what she has never done before — to fight for her own life — while keeping the well-meaning “hero” Perseus out of her way.

Eye of the Storm

A God-Haunted Saga short story included in a collection titled "Winder Wonder" by eight different children and YA authors. This story focuses on Hermes and based on the Greek myth of Io. Set before the events of "Andromeda," this gives you a little peek into the life of the messenger god, and gives a little teaser of what's to come for Book 2!

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